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Parking management for property owners

SKA PARKING offers quality parking management services to you as a property owner.

We have experience in organizing parking in commercial centers and office buildings. We will develop a suitable parking and traffic management system tailored to your needs and possibilities, ensuring proper and necessary signage.

In the case of paid parking, we can implement a mobile parking zone on your premises if needed.

Managing parking on your premises is also made easy with the use of an electronic parking permit system, where authorized individuals designated by you can promptly determine the vehicles allowed in the parking area.

SKA PARKING conducts regular control patrols in coordination with you to ensure compliance with the agreed-upon rules in the parking area.

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Parking management for a housing association

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Parking management for a housing association

Frequently, situations arise where the parking area surrounding housing associations, intended for the members of the association, is occupied by residents of neighboring buildings or customers of nearby office and commercial buildings, making legitimate parking impossible.

SKA PARKING is a reliable partner for you in developing a concept according to your needs and organizing parking on your association's premises.

The vehicles of residents in your housing association will be registered in an electronic parking system, which will be managed by authorized individuals designated by the housing association.

Visitors to the housing association can use the parking area based on the corresponding guest parking cards.

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